Stamping Foil   

Hot Stamping foil is for screen printing. Unlike our Soft Metallic flex, additional glue is necessary before transferring the foil by heat press. DAE HA has been specialized for textile application of polyester film and is a manufactures of hot stamping foil for textile and garment use. The most important qualities of hot stamping foil are brightness and releasing. With high glossy brightness of metalized polyester film and the know-how of film releasing, Dae Ha supplies high quality of hot stamping foil to customers for textile application. 


Features ​of Stamping Foil  
- Various colors and designs are available

- Clean and soft releasing 

- Accommodate fine computerized patterns 

- Brightness 

Product information 
- 12 micron skin 
- Standard roll size: Width 1,530 mm​ x Length 3,000 M / roll ​
- Minimum Order Quantity: 3 rolls / color ​​
- Packing: 1 roll per 1 box ​
- Box size: 320 mm x 320 mm x 1600 mm​
- Gross weight: approx. 95 kg / roll ​
* Other dimensions or special packing are available on request.  
Storage Conditions 
- Temperature: less than 25℃(± 5℃)
- ​Relative Humidity: 50% (±15℃)
- ​Keep out of direct sunlight


Transfer Conditions of Stamping Foil 

- Temperature: 170°C ~ 175°C

- Time: 9~10 seconds

- Peeling: Hot Peel

- Suitable for: Cotton, mixtures of polyester/cotton, polyester/acrylic or similar fabric

- Not suitable for: Treated or dyed garments


Note: All information is given as guideline​ and the technical information and recommendations above are based on our test. We highly 

         recommend that you perform a test cut and print prior to production. 




How to Use Stamping Foil 


 1. Apply Hotmelt adhesive

  Make a silkscreen die for the wanted design, Put the silkscreen die on any garments  

  and apply hotmelt adhesive on the garment through the silkscreen die.







 2. Hotmelt adhesive applied

   Hotmelt adhesive would be applied on the wanted design.









 3. Drying

   To dry the adhesive, pass the adhesive applied garment through the heat chamber.









 4. Place the garment on heat press machine











 5. Placing Stamping foil on the garment

     Cut Stamping foil into an appropriate size for design and put it on the hotmelt 

     adhesive applied garmnet.








 6. Put a thin layer on the stamping foil











 7. Heat pressing

   Heat press at 170°C ~ 175°C for 9 ~ 10 seconds, at medium press.









 8. Peeling off

   Peel off the stamping foil while it is hot.








Stamping Foil Colors