Okeo-Tex Standard 100 Certification


DTF printing requires PET film but that does not mean that any types of PET film will fit for the DTF process. It is essential to use the proper film with special coating treatment for the printing. Using high quality DTF film will ensure successful transfer and vivid color printing.

Dae Ha DTF HOT PEEL Film was produced by the coating experts​ as a long-term development program. Our advanced coating technology, and attention to detail, brings you the highest and consistent quality DTF Film on the market. And the most important thing is you can save costs of Ink, Hotmelt Powder even Electricity thanks to our technology. 


Features ​of Dae Ha DTF Film

- 100% Dae Ha coating technology.
- 12 months development program, to ensure Consistent & stable quality roll after roll.

- Genuine 100% HOT PEEL for one time heat press. Cold peel also available.

- No shrinkage of image design after printing.

-​ No residue left on the garment after heat pressing.

- Easy to print ultra-fine detail.

- Lower oven temperature possible.

Clean printing of Small designs and letters.

- ​The only DTF Film produced with Recycled Blended Polyester.


Transfer Conditions of Dae Ha DTF Film  



* Suitable for Cotton, Polyester, mixtures of Polyester/Cotton, Acrylic, Nylon, treated leather and more.


Storage Conditions 
- Temperature: less than 25℃(±3℃)
- ​Relative Humidity: 30%(±20%​)

- ​Keep out of direct sunlight

 Recommended to use immediately after printing.


Note: All information is given as guideline​ and the technical information and recommendations above are based on our test. 

        We highly ​recommend that you perform a test print prior to production. 

        Depending on the specification or setting of a DTF machine, different printing results may come out.

How to Use Dae Ha DTF Film 



Types ​of Dae Ha DTF Film


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