​Mesh Flex 

Mesh Flex is perforated PU and makes the air ventilation higher and better breathability.

​It is stretchable, flexible and light weighted PU. 

With the strength of Mesh Flex, it is perfect match to the sportswear and activewear but also suitable for all kinds of garments. 

Meshed pattern creates stunning design on your garment depending on your taste and it will look greatly good on special events like enjoyable parties and excursion day.


Features ​of Mesh Flex 
- ​Perforated hole generates high breathability with air circulation

- Can create unique design with the meshed type hole pattern

Elegant Semi Matt finish

- ​Stretchable on garment

- ​Light weight PU due to the regular patterned holes

- ​Various colors available

- ​Smooth cutting and weeding

​- PVC free

- ​Add fun to your design
- ​Multi-purpose available with tiny hole comparing to big sized hole

Product information 
- 32 micron skin 
- 50 micron hot melt adhesive
- Tolerance ±10 microns
- Sticky liner 
- Standard roll size: Width 500 mm​ x Length 50 M / roll ​
- Minimum Order Quantity: 200 M / color ​​
- Packing: 1 roll per 1 box ​
- Box size: 160 mm x 160 mm x 530 mm​
- Gross weight: approx. 7.5 kg / roll ​
* Other dimensions or special packing are available on request.  
Storage Conditions 
- Temperature: less than 25℃(±3℃)
- ​Relative Humidity: 40%(±20%​)
- ​Keep out of direct sunlight

Transfer Conditions of Mesh Flex  



* Suitable for Cotton, Polyester, mixtures of Polyester/Cotton, Acrylic & similar textiles. 

  Not suitable for Nylon or coated fabrics.​ 


Washing Conditions 

​- Temperature: 40

- Mode: Wool washing 

- Wash inside out 

Can be tumble dried

- Can be household ironed inside out

- Do not bleach 


Note: All information is given as guideline​ and the technical information and recommendations above are based on our test. We highly 

         recommend that you perform a test cut and print prior to production. 

 How to Use Mesh Flex 






Mesh Flex Colors




- The diameter of the hole is 1.1 mm.







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