​Subli-Inkjet PU

Dae Ha Subli-Inkjet PU is an innovative printing material that is compatible with Sublimation ink or Dye ink (Inkjet).

The main advantage of Subli-Inkjet PU is that you can use household standard printers without purchasing a new printing machine. With an incredibly soft and way thin material, Subli-Inkjet PU will allow you to Sublimate onto 100% white cotton garments (other fabrics also apply), like never before.

With a finished design looking and feeling as close to screen print as you’re likely to achieve with an HTV, the world of Sublimation has just been expanded.

Subli-Inkjet PU cuts, weeds & presses similar to all our HTV's, then Sublimation print onto the surface of it to create stunning images.


​Features of Subli-Inkjet PU

- Compatible with Sublimation ink or Inkjet (Dye) ink

- ​Vibrant and vivid printing effect

- ​Wide application of garment including cotton

- ​No drying time and No mirror image are required

​- Layering with other Dae Ha HTV is possible

Product information

- 75 micron Skin (White) / 40 micron Skin (Transparent)

- 50 micron hot melt adhesive (White) / 10 micron hot melt adhesive (Transparent)

- Tolerance ± 10 microns

- Non Sticky liner 

Packing for Roll

- Standard size: Width 500 mm​ x Length 50 M

- Minimum Order Quantity: 200 M / color

- Packing: 1 roll per 1 box

- Box size: 160 mm x 160 mm x 530 mm​

- Gross weight: approx. 8.0 kg / roll (White), 6.2 kg / roll​(Transparent)   

Packing for Sheet

- Standard size: 100 sheets / pack

- Minimum Order Quantity: 10 packs / color (A4), 5 packs / color (A3)

- Packing: 10 packs per 1 box​ (A4)5 packs per 1 box​ (A3)

- Box size: 320 mm x 440 mm x 140 mm​ (A4, A3)

- Gross weight: approx. 18.5 kg / box (White), ​13.5 kg / box​ ​(Transparent)   

* Other dimensions or special packing are available on request.   

Storage Conditions 

- Temperature: less than 25(±3)
- ​Relative Humidity: 40%(±20​%)
- ​Keep out of direct sunlight

​Transfer Conditions


​4* Suitable for Cotton, Polyester, mixtures of Polyester/Cotton, Acrylic & similar textiles. 

  Not suitable for Nylon or coated fabrics.​  


Washing Conditions 

​- Temperature: 40

- Mode: Wool washing 

- Wash inside out 

- Avoid tumble drying

- Can be household ironed inside out

- Do not bleach 


Note: All information is given as guideline​ and the technical information and recommendations above are based on our test. We highly 

         recommend that you perform a test cut and print prior to production. 

How to Use Subli-Inkjet PU


Subli-Inkjet PU​ Colors









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