​Soft Metallic Flex

Looking for unique material to decorate your T shirts? Try DAE HA Soft Metallic flex, the cad cut version of stamping foil! It is super elastic and thin to provide a very comfortable to wear finish. It is so easy to cut and weed. An adhesive backing enables cutting the most intricate designs and letters. You can layer our Soft Metallic flex over DH One flex to add value to your designs. Enjoy incredible 50 various colors and glamorous patterns of Soft Metallic that you never find elsewhere.


Ultra Soft Metallic is the upgraded version of Soft Metallic. It is more stretchable and wash-resistant. ​To find out more about Ultra Soft Metallic​, please click here.   

Features ​of Soft Metallic Flex 

- Super elastic and thin material 

- A Stamping Foil type finish

- Can cut the most intricate designs and letters

- Smooth cut and weed

- Easy Layering with PU flex 

- 50 colors and patterns are available

- The following colors are translucent in some areas and any color garment will show through: 

   DHS-856 Military C, DHS-857 Camoflage ​A, DHS-858 Camoflage ​B, ​DHS-859 Camoflage ​C. 

Product information 

- 3 micron Skin 
- 60 micron hot melt adhesive
- Tolerance ± 8.5 microns
- Sticky liner  

Packing  ​
​- ​Standard roll size: Width 500 mm​ x Length 100 M / roll ​
- Minimum Order Quantity: 4 rolls / color ​​
- Packing: 1 roll per 1 box ​
- Box size: 210 mm x 210 mm x 540 mm​

- Gross weight: approx. 13.1 kg / roll ​

* Other dimensions or special packing are available on request.

Storage Conditions 
- Temperature: less than 25℃(± 5℃)
- ​Relative Humidity: 50% (±15℃)
- ​Keep out of direct sunlight

Transfer Conditions of Soft Metallic Flex  



* Suitable for Cotton, Polyester, Spandex, mixtures of Polyester/Cotton, Acrylic & similar textiles. 

  Not suitable for Nylon or coated fabrics.​ 


Washing Conditions  

​- Temperature: Cold

- Mode: Wool washing 

- Wash inside out 

- Can be tumble dried on a low setting 

- Can be household ironed inside out

- Do not bleach 


Note: All information is given as guideline​ and the technical information and recommendations above are based on our test. We highly 

         recommend that you perform a test cut and print prior to production. 


How to Use Soft Metallic Flex 



Soft Metallic Flex ​Colors