How to sublimate on Glitter Flex

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Do you want to make great looking sublimated Glitter Designs?
Here is how to sublimate on Glitter Flex.

1. Print your design in reverse for the sublimation printer
2. Cut the sublimation paper 
3. Cut the shape of your design in reverse using the Glitter Flex
4. Place the Glitter Flex to your garment at 160℃ for 5~10 seconds at the medium pressure
5. Place the Sublimation Paper over the top of your Glitter Flex
6. Heat apply with a heat press at 180℃~190℃ for 20~40 seconds
7. After application, peel the Sublimation paper to reveal your bling-bling design


It will allow you to sublimate directly onto the Glitter Flex which can be applied   to a cotton fabric or dark color garment. 


Why don't you give it a try to customize your awesome t-shirt?