​ Multi Purpose [M TYPE​]​ 

Dae Ha Sublimation Paper M Type is designed to be an all-around sublimation paper for Soft and Hard substances. It will work on Polyester based textiles, mugs, glasses, tiles and so on. All conventional sublimation paper has a chemical coating on the paper surface. But for M type, the sub chemicals have been penetrated into paper inside and enables designs to be easily and quickly absorbed inside the paper. It can print images very fast and precisely, and can achieve perfect vivid color printing with no curling and no folding. Dae Ha provides Sublimation Paper with consistent quality and enough capacity to meet constant demands. 

Features ​of M Type 

- Multipurpose for textiles, mugs, tiles, soft and hard substrates

- Consistent Quality with capacity to meet constant demands

- No extra coating on the surface of the paper

- Absence of extra coating enables inks and designs to be quickly absorbed to the paper

- Able to express vivid colors easier and quicker without cutting or weeding

- No more loss of transferred materials

- Quick dry after printing on sublimation paper

- Anti-Curl and wrinkle free

- No back gassing 



* MOQ: 1pallet (Quantities may vary depending on the size of the rolls or sheets)

* Other dimensions or special packing are available on request.

* It is essential to inform the core size when ordering.             



1. 49(50)gsm  /  60gsm

- Designed to minimize the transfer time and temperature to improve productivity

- Minimum ink required for printing with fast drying time

- Translucent paper to see and adjust position of designs

- This specially processed 49gsm will be able to cover up to 59gsm

- Unsurpassed transfer yields with no back gassing

- Optimal for garments and textiles


2. 75gsm  /  90gsm  /  105gsm 

- Sublimation paper with the most advanced technology

- Easy handling and superb transfer results

- Consistent and stable properties

- Fast drying time in high humidity & poor conditions.

- Able to express the most delicate and sharp lines

- Optimal for mugs, glasses, hard and soft substances.


3. 120gsm  /  140gsm

- Designed to print and transfer very deep colors

- Stable at high speed printing with heavy ink loads

- Fast drying time and superb printing performance.

- Consistent performance from printing to thermal press.

- Optimal for mugs, glasses, hard and soft materials 


Storage Conditions

- Dye sublimation transfer paper is mostly very weak against moisture.

- To protect unused papers, it is strongly recommended to store the papers in its original packaging with inner poly bag at 59-86˚F / 15-30˚C and 30-50% RH.



- Paper with higher G/m²(gsmis easier to handle when printing but more amount of ink is required.

- Thermo tape and Teflon sheet are useful when holding the Sublimation Paper during heat press.

Sublimation printing applicable on Dae Ha Design FilmMetallic FlexHolographic FlexSubli Fabric and Subli Flock.


Transfer Conditions of M Type 


* Multipurpose such as mugs, banners, textiles, on various soft and hard materials

* Temperature and Time may vary depending on the pressed material



Suitable Printers (Piezo type)

- Dae Ha Sublimation paper has been tested successfully on the most famous brands of inkjet printing systems equipped with 

  dye sublimation inks. All Piezo Electric Drop on Demand printers like Epson, Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland and Kian printers have 

  shown excellent performance with our paper.


Washing Conditions


- Identical with washing conditions of the pressed material.


 Note: - All information is given as guideline, the technical information and recommendations above are based on our test. 

          - We highly recommend that you perform a test prior to production. 

          - It is always recommended that the compatibility of the paper with a specific printer and heat press equipment be determined 

            before proceeding with the main and large printing job.   

          - Presented information in these pages is intended to offer a useful reference in selecting media for your output. Thus, no media 

            warranties are implied unless specifically mentioned. Printer, media and/or ink changes may give you some different printing

            results. If the case of changing printer, media and/or inks, then, we recommend you to adjust your profile value.



How to use Sublimation Paper

Sublimation Paper Colors

- White unicolor with coating on paper



※ Note

- Dye sublimation transfer paper is mostly very weak against moisture.

- To protect unused papers, it is recommended to store the papers in its original packaging with inner poly bag at 59-86˚F / 15-30˚C and 30-50% RH.

- The possibility of curling is higher as the paper size gets smaller.​






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