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What is the price of your product?

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What is the price of your product?

As you may know well, prices vary depending on the order quantity.

We normally ask customers to provide us the below information before we quote the prices. 

7f34a7c74cde108070881a635a00db63.PNG Product Names and Code Numbers

c7916a89f2f805ce96c0cf7051c11700.PNGOrder quantity of the products

164502300e8eb4f2afd20ca0e34353fc.PNG Destination of the shipment

63d500f0ccc50a13e1ea3a9cd8bd0f70.PNG  Customers’ target prices (if possible)


Customers have their own reasonable target prices or target price ranges that would be suitable for their market.


With our customer's advice or the information regarding price, we try to offer the best price we could.


If you would like to know more about the price, please contact us through our email


Thank you.