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PU vinyl heat transfer film New

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  • 05-06
Dear Mr. Brian, 

Thank you for your interest on our product.
Regarding your inquiry, our DH One Flex(=PU) does work on 100% polyester 
and other materials such as Cotton, Spandex, mixtures of Polyester/Cotton, Acrylic & similar textiles. 
Our DH One Flex has many advantages compared to other products. 

●​  No curling when cut to smaller sheets and very easy to weed
●​  Hot Peel​ after heat pressing 
●​  Cut the finest of detail
●​  Environmentally friendly and REACH compliant
●​  Superb stretch & rebound properties​

But to discuss more in detail, we would appreciate if you would contact us through an email
Or if you provide us with your email address, we will contact you promptly.

Dae Ha Admin