Let's enjoy the World Cup together!

Let's enjoy the World Cup together!⚽ 

How To Use of Spangle Plus

You can create stunning design with our Spangle Plus like as the pictures. For the better working, please refer to the How To Use when you test it. https://www.garmentfilms.com/post/210  

Spangle Plus

Spangle Plus has second layered PET liner and it helps easy weeding without extra work. Also, Spangle Plus provides you to have diverse choices of patterns and marvelous colors. Please enjoy our sophisticated design film, Spangle Plus!  

Sparkling effect of Lustre Flex

Lustre Flex, our new developed item, is made from woven fabric containing metallic yarn. It has unique texture of weven fabric and provides shiny effect on the garments.✨ 


We highly recommend you to use our Mesh Flex which creates the unique design with meshed pattern. If you have any inquiries of our items, please feel free to contact us. ​

Lovely effect of Glitter Plus

Dae Ha Glitter Plus is coated on the surface so there is no glitter loss during the working procedure. And the cutting and weeding is much enjoyable due to the smooth surface. Try our Glitter Plus with lovely effect

❗New item, LUSTRE FLEX❗

It is made from woven fabric containing metallic yarn.  So it povides shiny effect on the garments as you can see.  Enjoy your special design with Dae Ha Lustre Flex.  

Dae Ha Silicone Flex

Dae Ha Silicone Flex    - Our Silicone Flex has Subli block properties so you don’t need to worry about your garments dyed unlike other materials. - Colors are rich with 7 colors of options. - Feel the rubber touch for luxurious look.​ 

Add the vividness on your design with our Puff PU

Look at this design that was made of Puff PU, it seems alive! Enjoy the voluminous effect of Puff PU

Dae Ha Chameleon Film gives an aurora effect

Dae Ha Chameleon Film gives an aurora effect You can enjoy color variations from different angles. 

❗Dae Ha's New Product, Mesh Flex❗

Mesh flex has the perforated hole in the PU to make the air ventilation higher and better breathability.  And the meshed pattern creates stunning design on your garment as you can see the pictures.​ 

Super stretchable HTV

Flexible PU is super stretchable Polyurethane HTV as you can see the pictures. Its outstanding elasticity and excellent rebound properties will be perfectly matched to the sportswear which needs a feature of high stretchability.  And it has soft and smooth touch with an elegant matt finish. Try our Flexible PU! 

The real glass beads of Reflective Flex

Dae Ha Reflective flex is made of real glass beads so it reflects highly at night.⭐  

Dae Ha Company Introduction Video

    Dae Ha is a leading manufacturer and a global supplier of Heat Transfer Flex from Korea.  We produce high quality of HTV consistently in our 1,000 class clean room.  Enjoy the video and if you have any questions, please contact us anytime.         ​

Dae Ha successfully finished the FESPA Berlin 2022!

​ ​ Thank you for visiting our stand at 2022 FESPA Berlin.  We successfully finished the exhibition with a lot of attention from visitors. The exhibition focused on having meetings with customers after the long pandemic period, sharing information with group of people in the HTV business, and promoting the Dae Ha new products to the market. We firmly believe that it was a great op ...

Combination of Subli Fabric and Glitter Flex

  Mix different Heat Transfer Vinyl and create your own designs.   We demonstrated combining Subli Fabric with Glitter Flex.       Vibrant colors can be sublimation printed on our Subli Fabric. It is compatible with our Sublimation Paper.       Highlight your designs with our sparkle Glitter Flex. The real glitter flakes will ...

Multi Layering PU Heat Transfer Vinyl

    You can find out the easy tutorial of how to do multi layering PU Heat Transfer Vinyl on our YouTube channel. ​ Make the best designs involve using different colors of DH One Flex in multiple layers.​ ​ Show your creativity with our various colors of DH One Flex for t-shirt decorations.   You can do the fastest multi color applicat

3D Effects PUFF PU Pink Color Added

    Elevate your garment decoration with this lovely PUFF PU Pink color.   The special type of this Puff PU will create a unique puffy texture to shapes, letters and logos.   When heat is applied, the soft and 3D effects will be activated.   If you would like to make your design to be voluminous, try our Puff PU! ...

DH One Flex Visible Cut Lines

    There are a lot of tips for making heat transfer vinyl cut lines visible.   However, with DH One Flex, you do not need to worry about getting the best way to see cut lines.   Because semi glossy hotmelt of DH One Flex enables easy to clearly see cut lines. So you do not need to struggle with seeing the cu ...