This design is printed with Dae Ha DTF Film.  https://www.garmentfilms.com/post/223

Sparkling effect of Lustre Flex

Lustre Flex   Sublimation Printing on Lustre Flex DLS-01 Silver  https://www.garmentfilms.com/post/217  

Subli-Inkjet PU Transparent

Today is the Spring Equinox and the weather is getting warmer in Korea.  The design was made with Subli-Inkjet PU Transparent.    - https://www.garmentfilms.com/post/202​ 

!!New size Arrival!!

The Letter and Tabloid size of Subli-Inkjet PU are also available!! Please refer to the below sheet size. ◾LETTER (216MM X 279MM) ◾TABLOID (279MM X 432MM) If you have an interest in the new size, please inquire us any time.​ 

Chameleon Series

-Chameleon Luminous   It gives excellent effect of glowing in the dark with a bright and long lasting glow.  https://www.garmentfilms.com/post/25 ​ 

The glow effect of Subli Satin

You can express the stylish and elegant colors on the design with vivid sublimation printing. It has an excellent glow effect by itself as you can see on the picture.


!!Dae Ha DTF HOT PEEL Film!! We strongly recommend to use our efficient DTF Film.​ If you want to test the samples, please contact us any time.

Chameleon Embo

✨Chameleon Series✨ Chameleon Luminous which makes your design to be voluminous with aurora effect.


You can instantly remove the PET Film right after heat pressing withour waiting even for a second. ❗ Meet the Dae Ha's efficient and economical DTF HOT PEEL Film today!​ 

✨Chameleon Series✨

✨Chameleon Series✨ Chameleon Pearl is absolutely gorgeous HTV which provides pearl effect in different angles.​ 

Dae Ha Subli Satin

Dae Ha​ S​ubli Satin is a HTV with fascinating satin texture and it allows for full color Sublimation printing. If you need to test it, please inquire us about the samples any time!​ 

Flock Flex

Spring is coming! In Korea, tomorrow is initial day of spring! Flock Flex ** DFK-03 Red ** DFK-06 Green​

DH One Flex

Clear cut lines and smooth weed of DH One Flex always makes to amaze me!! 

New product Subli Satin

It is not an LED screen. It's just a glow effect from Subli Satin❕​ 

Express the real!

Express the real features with 3d effect of Puff PU. Doesn't it look delicious?

Hexagon pattern of Spangle Plus

It's shining like real crystal! There are 3patterns Round, Square and Hexagon in Spangle Plus. ✨SPS-07 Crystal Fuschia​ 

Recommendation item: Spangle Plus

It is simple to use but can express the gorgeous❗ ✨SPH-03 Holographic Silver Spangle Plus: https://www.garmentfilms.com/post/210​ 

Merry Christmas

  Love and best wishes for a Merry Christmas.

Christmas is coming!

Feel the harmony between sparkle effect of Glitter Flex and voluminous effect of Puff PU.

The beauty of a snow flake with Mesh Flex.❄

The beauty of a snow flake with Mesh Flex.❄ ​